How to make money online by just Typing.



Typing is essentially the easiest task that a person can do, all you need is a device, any device. It could be a computer, laptop, phone, iPad, etc. So why not monetize on such a simple task?

Here are 10 different ways to make money online by just typing:

1) Transcribing

As a transcriptionist, you'll be responsible for listening to voice recordings and typing that out into written documents. Try these sites for Transcription jobs

2) Freelance Writer

If you love creative freedom as well as typing then freelance writing can be what you need to start profiting on what you love.|afp1:cashvi&show_join=true

3) Typing Captchas

Captchas are used to basically tell humans and computers apart from each other. Captcha typing is simply solving captchas, there are multiple different captcha solving websites to choose from and start earning money.

4) Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant, you can provide services for businesses in the comfort of your own home.

5) Data Entry

A Data Entry Clerk is responsible for performing clerical tasks such as entering or updating data, which can be done for a company or perhaps just for an individual.

6) Captioning

As a Captioner, you'll be responsible for transcribing, events, audios, or videos, you will be tasked with typing what you hear in those audios or videos.

7) Translation

As a translator, you will be responsible for translating foreign languages, it may be a document that is in another language or an audio or video that is in another language, companies will pay to get that translated to English or any other language they choose. If you are bilingual or multilingual and also love typing then this job is for you.

8) Editing

An Editor will be responsible for reading over and correcting any error that is made in a document.

9) Copywriting

A copywriter usually are the ones responsible for creating written content for advertising, descriptive texts or even marketing. There are many companies that will pay thousands for good content. You can even improve your Copywriting skills and get paid even more money with this in depth copywriting book:

10) Ghost Writing

A Ghost writer usually writes articles, document or post without having to reveal who they are, so if you are not comfortable with being in the spotlight then you can become a ghost writer.

5 books that will share the secret of how to make good money online:

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